Frequently asked questions (FAQ)


To reach Pivka from Ljubljana (60km), take the highway (A1/A2/E70). Follow signs for E61/Trst/I/Koper/Postojna. Exit the highway at the Postojna/Reka/HR/Ilirska Bistrica/Pivka exit and drive towards Reka. Pivka is less than 10 minutes away from Postojna. Upon arriving in Pivka, continue driving towards Ilirska Bistrica and Reka. The Park of Military History Pivka is located just after the tunnel bend over which a railway line passes.

You can also reach Pivka from Ljubljana using public railway transportation. There’s a direct train line from Ljubljana Railway Station to Pivka Railway Station. The journey takes about an hour and a half. There’s also an express train available on this route, which shortens the journey by around ten minutes. From Pivka Railway Station, you can continue your way to the Park on foot. Follow the military footprints on the pavement. The path will lead you through the Hrastje settlement just below the museum. In Hrastje, you’ll be able to see the imposing buildings of the former barracks, which now house our museum, from a distance. It should take you approximately 15 minutes to walk from the railway station to the museum.


You can also reach Pivka from the direction of Koper (66km) via the A1 highway. Follow signs for Ljubljana until you reach the exit for Postojna/Reka/HR/Ilirska Bistrica/Pivka. Then, follow the signs for Pivka. From here, the route is the same as from the direction of Ljubljana.

You can also get to Pivka from Koper using public railway transportation. The direct train line from Koper Railway Station to Pivka Railway Station takes about an hour and fifteen minutes. You can continue on foot from the railway station in Pivka (refer to the path described above from the direction of Ljubljana).

There is also a bus service from Koper to Pivka operated by Nomago. The bus journey takes 1 hour and 45 minutes. The bus route offers the opportunity to see various towns along the way. From the bus station in Pivka, you can continue on foot to the Park of Military History. Follow the signs for our museum and the imprinted footsteps on the pavement. The path will also take you through the Hrastje settlement, from where you can already see the museum buildings. Walking from the bus station to the museum will take approximately half an hour.


You can also drive to Pivka from the direction of Rijeka (60 km). First, follow signs for the Pula/Ljubljana/Slovenija/Trieste/Italy junction, then follow E61 and the directions to Ilirska Bistrica – Jelšane. After crossing the Croatia-Slovenia border, continue towards Ilirska Bistrica and follow signs for Pivka. Just before the railway tunnel before Pivka, you will see a signpost for the Park of Military History Pivka.

You can also reach Pivka from the direction of Rijeka using public railway transportation. There is a direct train line from Rijeka Railway Station to Pivka Railway Station. The train journey from this direction takes approximately one hour and a half. You can continue on foot from the railway station in Pivka (refer to the path described above from the direction of Ljubljana).

Yes, entry is also allowed for dogs, but they must be kept on a leash at all times during the visit. Entry for dogs is prohibited in the submarine.

The museum has its own free parking lot. There are parking spaces available for electric vehicles with two designated charging stations. To use the charging stations, you will need a Petrol charging card. The charging power is 13 kW.

You can leave your bicycle at the bike racks located just before the entrance to the Command Building (museum entrance).

The storage areas for the Museum of Contemporary History of Slovenia, National Museum of Slovenia, and Technical Museum of Slovenia are located in Pavilion D. They showcase numerous museum items in storage, including computers, telecommunications devices, radios, televisions, items related to postal services, transportation, agriculture, woodworking, objects connected to water, animals, steam power, and many more.

An additional fee of 2 EUR per person is required to visit these collections.

The opening hours of the storage areas vary depending on the individual months. You can find the schedule for the storage areas and guided tours on the website:

For more information, you can also contact: or phone: +386 (0)1 300 96 10.

No, rides with military vehicles are unavailable at the Park of Military History Pivka. Rides are possible during the open day event at the nearby Stanislav Požar Barracks in Pivka, which usually takes place on the third weekend of September. For more information, you can contact them at the phone number: 05 757 24 65 or visit their website:

No, climbing on the exhibited artifacts within the museum is not allowed. You can only view the interiors of vehicles through the openings provided on each vehicle. In Pavilion A, there’s also a section of a T-55 tank on display, which allows visitors to see the composition of the tank and its interior.

Yes, a prior reservation is required for visiting the submarine interior and flight simulators. Reservations can be made by calling the phone number: 031 775 002 or emailing:

Visiting the submarine’s interior and using the flight simulators is not possible without a guide. The same applies to the flight simulators. Visitors to the Park of Military History Pivka can experience the flight simulator with the MiG-21 or Spitfire IX aircraft for an additional fee of 10 EUR per person. The flight simulation lasts for 15 minutes, and the simulator can be operated by one person at a time. The minimum height for the flight experience is 135 cm.

For more information about the simulator experience:

For more information about visiting the interior of the submarine:

Yes, the museum is fully accessible to disabled individuals. All multi-story buildings have elevators, and ramps connect various pavilions alongside staircases. The museum also provides accessible restrooms for disabled individuals. Upon purchasing tickets and presenting appropriate documentation, disabled individuals are entitled to a discount on the basic museum admission ticket.

For those with mobility impairments, a QR code near the submarine allows them to peek inside. The QR code provides a 360° view of the submarine’s interior.

The interior of the submarine, police boat, and other online exhibitions can be viewed via the link:

For deaf and hard-of-hearing individuals, QR codes are available next to the films shown in the museum, where visitors can access these films with subtitles in Slovenian.

For more information:

Almost all exhibition collections are translated into English. The museum guide is also available in several foreign languages, providing visitors with basic information about the displayed collections.

Yes, visiting the interior of the fortifications is possible only by prior arrangement and reservation. The visit is conducted with a guide. The entrance fee for visiting the Alpine Wall fortification on Primož Hill is 7 EUR for adults and 5 EUR for children. In addition to the entrance fee, there’s an additional fee for hiring a guide (for 1 to 3 hours for groups with less than 15 people). The guide reservation should be made at least 5 days before your visit to the museum.

The price list is available at:

At the summit of Primož Hill (718m) is a formidable underground artillery fortress of the Alpine Wall. The tunnels have a length of approximately 500m, and inside, you can find preserved combat positions, ammunition storage, and living quarters.

There’s a thematic educational path leading to the fortress. This path connects the Park of Military History Pivka, the former military training ground at Kot 110 (613m), and Primož Hill (718m). Visitors can walk to the fortifications on their own. The hike to the summit takes about 30 to 45 minutes.

On average, visitors spend about 2 to 3 hours in the museum. The visit includes exploring the permanent and temporary or guest exhibitions in the Command Building, Pavilions B and C, where the collection predominantly features tanks and other armored vehicles, artillery, and weapons from World War II and the 1950s. Pavilion A houses an exhibition called “Road to Independence,” which depicts the process of Slovenia’s independence. On the Plaza, you can find some larger exhibits.For more information about individual collections and pavilions, you can visit our website:

Yes, photography and filming are allowed in the museum.

Yes, visitors also have access to free Wi-Fi in the museum. With this Wi-Fi, visitors can explore some online exhibitions, films, the virtual escape room, and even the interiors of the submarine and police boat. Additionally, younger visitors can engage with the online game “Knights’ Challenge.” The access point for online exhibitions is: can find the password for the free Wi-Fi near the entrance to the museum store or inquire about it at the store counter.

Yes, advance booking is mandatory for guided museum tours. Bookings can be made by calling 031 775 002 or via email at Advance reservation is required at least 5 days before the visit. Hiring a guide for groups with fewer than 15 people for tours of the Park of Military History exhibitions and collections costs 50 EUR.

For organized groups larger than 15 people, visits are possible throughout the year. Closed groups can visit the museum’s collections and exhibitions with a guide upon prior reservation. The guided tour of the museum takes approximately two hours, but the duration can be adjusted based on the group’s preferences. Organized groups also benefit from group discounts on admission tickets, making the visit even more affordable. Individual ticket discounts and benefits do not apply when a guide is hired.

Price list:

In the Pivka area, you can also visit:

Dina Pivka – Center about Large Carnivores (more at:
Ecomuseum of the Seasonal Lakes of Pivka (more at:
The educational trail at the Živa wastewater treatment plant in Pivka (more at:
Ravne Estate

Pivka Valley is known for its numerous tourist farms, offering demonstrations of various traditional crafts.

More information:

Hikers can explore the Circular Path of Military History, which connects the Park of Military History Pivka, the Italian underground fortress on Primož Hill, Šilentabor above Zagorje, where the largest fortification system in Slovenia was built at the end of the Middle Ages, and the tourist village Narin. The entire route takes about 4 hours of walking, but you can adjust it according to your abilities and time. More about the path:

Above Pivka, there are several peaks offering stunning views of the Pivka Basin, including Sveta Trojica (1123m), Vremščica (1026m), Primož (718m), Šilentabor (751m), Kršičevec (1092m), and Osojnica (820m).

More about hiking in the Pivka area:

Cyclists in the Pivka area can explore several cycling routes:

The Castle Path is a hiking and cycling trail that follows the traces of the castle heritage from before the Military History Park, leading to Ravne Manor, the village of Narin, and Šilentabor above Zagorje. It branches off into three sections: the first goes past Kalc Castle to the village of Bač, the second to Podtabor, and the third to Ratečevo Brdo. You can explore different segments of the Castle Path on foot or by bike at your own pace. The trail is categorized as a moderately demanding route. More about the Castle Path:

The Lynx Path is a new cycling route that connects Slovenia and Croatia. The trail is 221 km long and starts in Pivka at the Dina Center. Along the way, cyclists discover the karst landscapes, intermittent lakes, forests, and more. The estimated cycling time is 4 days; at the end, cyclists return to Pivka by train. More about the Lynx Path:

Shorter cycling routes run along paths near intermittent lakes. Cyclists can start their journey in the center of Pivka, where they can ride on well-maintained cycling paths to Slovenska vas. From there, various cycling and hiking routes spread across the intermittent lake area. Cycling paths along the road are also available on the Pivka-Parje and Pivka-Selce routes.

Yes, the museum has a souvenir shop where visitors can find various items. These include models of armored vehicles, watercraft, tanks, aircraft, and more. There’s also a diverse selection of bags, backpacks, adult and children’s t-shirts, hats, PVZ souvenirs, books, military equipment and accessories, gift vouchers, annual passes, toys, and other items.

We also have an online shop on our website where visitors can order items from our shop for delivery or pick-up. Gift vouchers can also be purchased through the online shop.

Link to the online shop:

The Park of Military History Pivka hosts several traditional events:History Weekend (ZgodoVikend)The History Weekend takes place every year on the third weekend of September. During this weekend, various guided tours of the pavilions and exhibitions, children’s workshops and activities, film screenings, and many other activities are organized in the museum. The History Weekend offers a diverse and interesting program suitable for history enthusiasts, casual visitors, children, and adults. Last year’s History Weekend: This year’s event will occur from September 15th to 17th, 2023.Submarine Weekend (Podmorničarski vikend)The Submarine Weekend takes place every April and is organized by the Park of Military History Pivka in collaboration with former submariners from the Submariner Society. During this weekend, visitors have the opportunity to engage in discussions with former submariners and gain firsthand insights into the secretive world of life and work beneath the sea surface. Guided tours of the submarine’s interior, interactions with submariners, film screenings on submarine-related topics, guided museum exhibition tours, children’s workshops, and various other activities are organized.This year’s Submarine Weekend: in Miniature (Svet v malem)The World in Miniature event takes place every year in May. During this day, international miniature makers showcase their creations at the Park of Military History Pivka. This event features a festival where miniature makers exhibit their works and competitions for the best miniatures in various categories. Visitors can not only explore the museum as usual but also learn about the process of creating miniatures, view exhibitions of plastic miniatures, and visit a miniature flea market.This year’s World in Miniature: The next event is scheduled for May 25th, 2024.Hike along the Circular Path of the Park of Military History PivkaThe hike along the Circular Path of the Park of Military History Pivka is organized every autumn. The hike starts at the Park of Military History Pivka in the morning hours. The path connects the Park of Military History Pivka, the former military training ground at Kot 110 (613m), and the Italian underground fortress at Primož. From there, the path descends into the Dule Valley and then ascends to Šilentabor above the village of Zagorje. The hike continues from Šilentabor towards the tourist village of Narin and concludes at the starting point in the Park of Military History Pivka. The path covers a distance of 14.5 km, and the hike takes around 4 hours. The hike is suitable for all ages, and the participation fee is 5 EUR, while children up to 15 years old can participate for free.Last year’s hike:

For organized groups arriving by bus, bus parking is available at the base of the slope in front of the Park of Military History. The bus can be parked there for the duration of the museum visit.

Parking for motorhomes is also allowed in the parking area in front of the Park of Military History Pivka. Additionally, if visitors wish to stay overnight, camping and accommodation are available in a dedicated campsite beside the museum. The motorhome rest area operates throughout the year. For more information, please visit:

Yes, inside the Command building at the Park of Military History Pivka, there is a Canteen Pivka. They offer excellent military bean stew as part of their regular menu and other stews, meat dishes, steaks, salads, and desserts. Additional dining options are available in the center of Pivka (1km away) and in several nearby towns. Some of the options include Pizzeria Herman, Gostilna Marta, Gostilna Sušelj, Gostilna Morski konjiček, Gostilna Špelca with accommodations, Refreshment and Pizzeria by Milena, Home-style Restaurant Valenčič, and Gostilna Pri Zotlarju. For more information about dining options in Pivka, visit:

Most of the exhibited exhibits are under cover, housed in various pavilions (Command, Pavilions B, C, and A) at the Park of Military History Pivka. Some larger exhibits are displayed on the outdoor platform (such as the German war locomotive, police boat…). Museum animation:

Yes, the museum ticket is valid for the entire day, allowing you to visit the museum and leave, then return later. If you haven’t been able to see all the museum collections during that time, you would need to purchase a new museum ticket the next day. In case of exceptional circumstances, please contact the museum administration at: phone number 031 775 002 or email address:

There are a few lockers available for storing smaller belongings. The use of lockers is free of charge. Please ask the reception staff for keys and locker usage. 

a) For the basic visit to the Park of Military History Pivka, you can purchase tickets at a lower price if you meet one of the conditions listed below:

Retirees and students
Veterans and firefighters
Schoolchildren and high school students
Disabled individuals
Preschool children
To qualify for tickets at a lower price, appropriate documentation must be presented, which visitors must show to the seller before purchasing the ticket. Subsequent claims will not be considered.

Link to the price list:

b) Lower prices for the above-mentioned groups also apply when purchasing group tickets for groups of more than 15 people. When purchasing group tickets (for 15 people or more), a free guided tour of the museum is included, with the guide needing to be reserved at least 5 days in advance.

Link to the price list:

c) Visitors to our museum can also use coupons with a 25% discount when purchasing basic tickets, which visitors receive at museums participating in mutual cooperation. Visitors must present the coupon to the seller before purchasing the ticket; subsequent claims will not be considered.

The coupon for a 25% discount at the Park of Military History Pivka can be obtained at:

Škocjan Caves
Lipica Stud Farm
Eco-Museum of Pivka’s Seasonal Lakes

d) When purchasing tickets for the basic visit, the following groups are eligible for discounts:

Residents of the Pivka municipality
Members of the Slovenian Armed Forces, Ministry of Defense, and their family members
AMZS (Slovenian Automobile Association) members cardholders
Slovenian Railways ticket holders
Retirees (Thursdays)
Slovenian Museum Society cardholders
The above-mentioned discounts can be applied by presenting appropriate documentation to the seller before purchasing the ticket. Subsequent claims will not be considered.

Discounts cannot be combined with each other! Discounts do not apply to additional offerings (interior tours of submarines, flight simulators).

Kolodvorska cesta 51
6257 Pivka
+386 (0)31 775 002