A stopover at the Park of Military History

As a modern museum center, the Park of Military History offers a lot more – a museum restaurant, a well-stocked museum shop, a motorhome stopover site, and several nice walking and hiking trails.

Museum restaurant Kantina Pivka

The museum restaurant Kantina is located in the “Komanda” building. Local dishes with a hint of military cuisine are served in a pleasant atmosphere. Staples on the menu include a delicious military bean stew and other stews, meat dishes, steaks, salads, and superb desserts.

Museum shop Magazin

The museum shop, located in the “Komanda” building at the entrance of the museum center, is well-stocked and caters to many different tastes. Apart from souvenirs and local products, there is also a wide selection of books on offer, while military items and memorabilia, written-off military equipment, and various military vehicle models represent the most interest-catching items in stock.

Tourist Information Centre Pivka

Although important road connections cross the Pivka River valley, the local natural environment is extremely well-preserved. Every year, the tourist activity of the area is gaining in quality and thus offers visitors a pleasant stay.

The countryside’s peaceful atmosphere and the landscape’s hidden beauty are revealed particularly to those visitors who discover them on foot, on horseback, or by bike and to those curious individuals who prefer to avoid the tourist bustle and pave their own way to the sights and the locals. In the Pivka Basin, tourist farms and other providers of local products have their doors wide open; it is truly possible to experience the authenticity of the area with all of your senses.

All information for visitors are kindly provided by the Tourist Information Centre, located in the Park of Military History.

Motorhome stopover site

In the Park of Military History, all visitors can use the motorhome parking lot with all the infrastructure in a pleasant environment, inviting visitors to hike and explore the Green Karst.

Electric vehicle charging station

There is a charging station for electric vehicles located within the Park of Military History complex, where users can charge their vehicles.

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The Park of Military History offer also includes the Alpine Wall Fort on Primož Hill. The Alpine Wall was a system of forts built by the Italian army along the entire land border in the period between the First and the Second World Wars.

There is a well-maintained thematic educational path leading to the fort. It connects the Park of Military History, the former military polygon on Hill 110 (613 m), and Primož Hill (718 m).

During the First World War, a system of trenches and a cavern were dug on Hill 110 with the intention of training units for combat on the Soča Front.

The mighty underground artillery fort on Primož Hill was the command post for a group of forts around Pivka. Along the path are five big and another five small information boards, which inform visitors about the natural, cultural, and historical sights of the Pivka Basin. You can also explore the interior of the forts with a guide and visit 500 meters of underground tunnels and inner areas of the fort.


The Circular Trail of Military History connects the Park of Military History, the Italian underground fort on Primož hill, the village Šilentabor above Zagorje, where the greatest fortification system in Slovenia was built at the end of the Middle Ages, and a tourist village Narin. The trail takes about 4 hours of walking, but you can adjust it to your capabilities and time.