In the Pivka area, you can also visit:

Dina Pivka – Center about Large Carnivores (more at:
Ecomuseum of the Seasonal Lakes of Pivka (more at:
The educational trail at the Živa wastewater treatment plant in Pivka (more at:
Ravne Estate

Pivka Valley is known for its numerous tourist farms, offering demonstrations of various traditional crafts.

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Hikers can explore the Circular Path of Military History, which connects the Park of Military History Pivka, the Italian underground fortress on Primož Hill, Šilentabor above Zagorje, where the largest fortification system in Slovenia was built at the end of the Middle Ages, and the tourist village Narin. The entire route takes about 4 hours of walking, but you can adjust it according to your abilities and time. More about the path:

Above Pivka, there are several peaks offering stunning views of the Pivka Basin, including Sveta Trojica (1123m), Vremščica (1026m), Primož (718m), Šilentabor (751m), Kršičevec (1092m), and Osojnica (820m).

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Cyclists in the Pivka area can explore several cycling routes:

The Castle Path is a hiking and cycling trail that follows the traces of the castle heritage from before the Military History Park, leading to Ravne Manor, the village of Narin, and Šilentabor above Zagorje. It branches off into three sections: the first goes past Kalc Castle to the village of Bač, the second to Podtabor, and the third to Ratečevo Brdo. You can explore different segments of the Castle Path on foot or by bike at your own pace. The trail is categorized as a moderately demanding route. More about the Castle Path:

The Lynx Path is a new cycling route that connects Slovenia and Croatia. The trail is 221 km long and starts in Pivka at the Dina Center. Along the way, cyclists discover the karst landscapes, intermittent lakes, forests, and more. The estimated cycling time is 4 days; at the end, cyclists return to Pivka by train. More about the Lynx Path:

Shorter cycling routes run along paths near intermittent lakes. Cyclists can start their journey in the center of Pivka, where they can ride on well-maintained cycling paths to Slovenska vas. From there, various cycling and hiking routes spread across the intermittent lake area. Cycling paths along the road are also available on the Pivka-Parje and Pivka-Selce routes.