The Park of Military History Pivka hosts several traditional events:History Weekend (ZgodoVikend)The History Weekend takes place every year on the third weekend of September. During this weekend, various guided tours of the pavilions and exhibitions, children’s workshops and activities, film screenings, and many other activities are organized in the museum. The History Weekend offers a diverse and interesting program suitable for history enthusiasts, casual visitors, children, and adults. Last year’s History Weekend: This year’s event will occur from September 15th to 17th, 2023.Submarine Weekend (Podmorničarski vikend)The Submarine Weekend takes place every April and is organized by the Park of Military History Pivka in collaboration with former submariners from the Submariner Society. During this weekend, visitors have the opportunity to engage in discussions with former submariners and gain firsthand insights into the secretive world of life and work beneath the sea surface. Guided tours of the submarine’s interior, interactions with submariners, film screenings on submarine-related topics, guided museum exhibition tours, children’s workshops, and various other activities are organized.This year’s Submarine Weekend: in Miniature (Svet v malem)The World in Miniature event takes place every year in May. During this day, international miniature makers showcase their creations at the Park of Military History Pivka. This event features a festival where miniature makers exhibit their works and competitions for the best miniatures in various categories. Visitors can not only explore the museum as usual but also learn about the process of creating miniatures, view exhibitions of plastic miniatures, and visit a miniature flea market.This year’s World in Miniature: The next event is scheduled for May 25th, 2024.Hike along the Circular Path of the Park of Military History PivkaThe hike along the Circular Path of the Park of Military History Pivka is organized every autumn. The hike starts at the Park of Military History Pivka in the morning hours. The path connects the Park of Military History Pivka, the former military training ground at Kot 110 (613m), and the Italian underground fortress at Primož. From there, the path descends into the Dule Valley and then ascends to Šilentabor above the village of Zagorje. The hike continues from Šilentabor towards the tourist village of Narin and concludes at the starting point in the Park of Military History Pivka. The path covers a distance of 14.5 km, and the hike takes around 4 hours. The hike is suitable for all ages, and the participation fee is 5 EUR, while children up to 15 years old can participate for free.Last year’s hike:

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