The visit of a Dutch group of vintage car enthusiasts

3.June 2024

On Monday, May 13th, a group of vintage Willys enthusiasts from the Netherlands visited the Park of Military History in Pivka as part of the traditional Nekaf Cup. This annual event is organized by collectors and owners of the famous M38A1 “Nekaf” jeeps, which were manufactured between 1955 and 1962. The event takes place in collaboration with various museums and the Dutch military. Each year, participants drive through off-road tracks, country lanes, and scenic landscapes, where they also camp overnight. The organization of this year’s route through Slovenia was largely undertaken by the Deputy Dutch Ambassador to Slovenia, Mr. Derk Jan Nauta, himself an enthusiastic owner of a Nekaf vintage vehicle.

This year’s cup took place between May 9th and 18th, starting the journey early in the morning in Klaarenbeek, Netherlands, where participants set off with six vintage cars. On Saturday, the group arrived at the Slovenian-Austrian border and stayed overnight in Bohinjska Bistrica, enjoying the view of Lake Bled. The next day, they traveled by car train to Most na Soči and then to Kobarid. The route took them through side roads, where on Sunday, May 12th, they stayed overnight at Camp Plana before heading to the Park the next day. The group was welcomed and greeted by the director, Mr. Janko Boštjančič, followed by a tour of the Park of Military History, where participants explored the museum collections and exhibitions in detail, tried out the museum canteen, and concluded with a visit to the former fortification of the Alpine Wall at Primož.

The group then continued their journey to Javorniki and beyond, concluding their trip on May 18th, and then safely returned home.