The Park was visited by ambassadors of NATO member states.

8.June 2023

On Wednesday, June 7th, the Park of Military History hosted a group of ambassadors from NATO member states. The meeting, organized by the Ambassador of the Czech Republic, His Excellency Juraj Chmiel, was attended by 21 ambassadors or chargés d’affaires.

In the name of the Municipality of Pivka, the gathering was welcomed by the director of the Pivka Tourism Board, Ms. Jana Gržinič, who presented the Municipality of Pivka, its history, and the development path that the local community has taken since its establishment in 1994. Its director, Mr. Janko Boštjančič, introduced the Park of Military History. The distinguished guests were particularly impressed by the rapid development of the museum complex and, in particular, the utilization of European Union development funds, which played an important role in this development.

The guests also had the opportunity to visit the museum exhibitions and collections, with special attention drawn to the exhibition “Path to Independence,” which portrays the independence of the Republic of Slovenia, and the new exhibition “Enigma – The Mysterious Behind the Scenes of War.”