New guest exhibition, “Partisan Hospital Franja – the hidden gem of Europe”

29.June 2022

In June a new guest exhibition, “Partisan Hospital Franja – the hidden gem of Europe” was opened in the Park of Military History Pivka. The City Museum of Idrija exhibition by Milojka Magajna is designed as a traveling exhibition that presents the heritage of the Franjo partisan hospital to the general public and raises awareness of the importance of humanity, tolerance, and solidarity in the increasingly tense atmosphere of modern times. Several content sets testify to the tremendous humanitarian role of the former partisan hospital, hidden from the eyes of the enemy in the hard-to-reach gorge in the Cerkljansko region and its symbolic significance for new generations. Based on the testimonies of the hospital staff, wounded, and the locals, the exhibition takes visitors through the everyday life of the hospital, which, in addition to exceptional sacrifice in caring for the wounded, was also marked by a constant concern for concealment. The valuable weight of the exhibition is given by a valuable set of personal belongings of the staff and medical devices.