The museum’s mission is not only to enable its visitors to see but also to feel and experience. Apart from taking a look at the collections and exhibitions, visitors of the Park of Military History can also try out the MiG-21 or Spitfire IX flight simulators and enjoy the convincing experience of flying these two military aircraft!

MiG-21 flight simulator

The MiG-21 is one of the most widespread fighter-interceptor military aircraft. More than 15,000 units in 15 variants were manufactured. The airplane’s development began in the 1950s and the first prototype took flight in 1955. It was introduced to the public a year later and it entered operational use with the Soviet Air Forces in 1959. Apart from the Soviet Union, MiG-21s were used by more than 30 countries, including Yugoslavia. A total of 261 MiG-21 aircraft in 10 variants were part of the Yugoslav Air Force.

Supermarine Spitfire flight simulator

The Spitfire is one of the most recognizable, beautiful, and famous aircraft of all time. It went down in history as the winner of the Battle of Britain. The Supermarine Spitfire F IX fighter aircraft with the serial number MJ116, whose Merlin engine and wreckage are displayed in the Park of Military History right next to the simulator, was manufactured in the Vickers Aircraft Factory in Central England. It was part of the 73rd Squadron of the Royal Air Force. On 18 September 1944, a group from this squadron carried out an attack on German military infrastructure near Ljubljana where the Spitfire was hit by the Germans and crashed into the Ljubljana Marshes near a local road (Ižanska cesta). It was piloted by Peter J. Clark who was able to successfully parachute from the damaged aircraft. The excavation of the wreckage, which took place between 19 August and 27 August 2019, was carried out by a team of the Archaeological Research Consortium for Ljubljana. More than 150 pieces of the aircraft were documented in total.

Both simulators were developed by AFormX (http://www.aformx.si). The MiG-21 simulator allows the user to sit in an original seat and operate authentic MiG-21 bis instruments, while the new Spitfire IX simulator features a replica of the cockpit with all the flight controls. Both simulators use virtual reality technology to provide the user with a 360-degree view inside the cockpit and the surroundings. The pilot can look through the windows on both sides and the image on the VR goggles will follow the movement of the head. The pilot is able to check the movement of the controls in the cockpit, lean closer to the instruments in order to read the dials and numbers, look over his or her shoulder to see if the wings are still where they need to be, or simply look at the surroundings during the flight.

Visitors of the Park of Military History can try out the MiG-21 or Spitfire IX simulator by paying a 10 EUR/person surcharge. The flight simulation lasts up to 15 min. The simulation is carried out under the supervision of the museum staff. The simulator can only be used by one person at a time, which is why prior booking is required. You can make your booking by calling +386 31775002 or via e-mail at info@parkvojaskezgodovine.si. Minimum height of person using the flight simulator is 135cm.