a) For the basic visit to the Park of Military History Pivka, you can purchase tickets at a lower price if you meet one of the conditions listed below:

Retirees and students
Veterans and firefighters
Schoolchildren and high school students
Disabled individuals
Preschool children
To qualify for tickets at a lower price, appropriate documentation must be presented, which visitors must show to the seller before purchasing the ticket. Subsequent claims will not be considered.

Link to the price list: https://www.parkvojaskezgodovine.si/cenik/

b) Lower prices for the above-mentioned groups also apply when purchasing group tickets for groups of more than 15 people. When purchasing group tickets (for 15 people or more), a free guided tour of the museum is included, with the guide needing to be reserved at least 5 days in advance.

Link to the price list: https://www.parkvojaskezgodovine.si/cenik/

c) Visitors to our museum can also use coupons with a 25% discount when purchasing basic tickets, which visitors receive at museums participating in mutual cooperation. Visitors must present the coupon to the seller before purchasing the ticket; subsequent claims will not be considered.

The coupon for a 25% discount at the Park of Military History Pivka can be obtained at:

Škocjan Caves
Lipica Stud Farm
Eco-Museum of Pivka’s Seasonal Lakes

d) When purchasing tickets for the basic visit, the following groups are eligible for discounts:

Residents of the Pivka municipality
Members of the Slovenian Armed Forces, Ministry of Defense, and their family members
AMZS (Slovenian Automobile Association) members
Avtokampi.si cardholders
Slovenian Railways ticket holders
Retirees (Thursdays)
Slovenian Museum Society cardholders
The above-mentioned discounts can be applied by presenting appropriate documentation to the seller before purchasing the ticket. Subsequent claims will not be considered.

Discounts cannot be combined with each other! Discounts do not apply to additional offerings (interior tours of submarines, flight simulators).