For programs under *: the visit is possible only when booked in advance and when the reservation is confirmed 5 days before the arrival.

If not booked in advance, the guided tour is not included in the price.

The guided tour of the submarine’s interior is possible only when booked in advance by phone (+386 (0)31 775 002) or via e-mail

If booked and confirmed in advance, it is possible to hire a local licensed guide for the tours of the Circular path of Military History and other sights of the Municipality of Pivka and the area of the Green Karst.

The prices are published in EUR per person or per family. VAT included in all prices. For all groups over 15 persons, a guide is included in the price.

When the booking is confirmed in advance, agencies get a 10 % provision along with 1/20 free ticket and a guide.

All visits and tours are at one’s own risk. Seasonal clothing and footwear recommended.

The admission fee includes basic accident insurance; therefore, the tickets need to be kept until the end of the tour.

The parking lot is free of charge, but is not under supervision.

All museum collections are under video surveillance. Damaging or stealing the exhibits is a criminal offence.