Events in 2024

12.January 2024

SUBMARINER WEEKEND – April 13th and 14th, 2024 (Park of Military History)

On Saturday and Sunday, April 13th and 14th, 2024, the Park of Military History, in collaboration with former submariners from the Submariner Association, is organizing the Submariner Weekend to commemorate the 13th anniversary of the arrival of the submarine P-913 Zeta. Take advantage of this unique opportunity to engage in conversations with former submariners and discover the mysterious world of life and work beneath the sea surface!

The event will enhance the dynamic museum program with additional expert-guided tours of exhibitions, workshops for children, and various activities where visitors will get a closer look at the rich tradition of submarining in the Adriatic.


For the third consecutive year, on May 25, 2024, the Park of Military History will host the International Miniature Festival, “World in Miniature,” organized by the World in Miniature Society. The event will feature the participation of hundreds of modelers and enthusiasts from different countries, competing for the best miniature in various categories. Elaborate miniatures of military vehicles, vessels, and scenic displays will complement the museum’s exhibition of military-technical heritage on this day.

As part of the festival, there will also be demonstrations of miniature-making and a miniature flea market, providing enthusiasts with an opportunity to explore and exchange their creations.

MILITARY HISTORY CIRCULAR TRAIL – May 26, 2024 (Park of Military History)

On Sunday, May 26, 2024, the Park of Military History is organizing a hike along the Military History Circular Path for all hiking enthusiasts and those looking to spend their leisure time actively. From the Park of Military History, hikers will embark on a journey following the informative guide’s explanations, tracing the footsteps of military history. The trail will pass by the former military training ground at Kota 110 and lead to the mysterious underground fortress of the Alpine Wall at Primož.

From there, the path will continue to the summit of Šilentabar, where one of the largest anti-Ottoman fortresses in Slovenia once stood. The hiking efforts will be rewarded with a descent to the tourist village of Narin, from where the circular hike will conclude at the Park of Military History.

HISTORY WEEKEND – September 13–15, 2024 (Park of Military History)

Once again, on the third weekend of September, specifically from the 13th to the 15th in 2024, the Park of Military History is organizing History Weekend as the central museum event of the year and the largest military history event at the national level. History Weekend, which has taken on a new look to succeed the former Festival of Military History, is designed as a multi-day series of events dedicated to an immersive exploration of history.

Traditionally commencing with “Vestirnga”, the annual induction of military conscripts organized by the Administration of Defense, where conscripts arrive at the event on traditional recruitment vehicles, the dynamic activities continue on Saturday with an enriched museum program, numerous guided tours, and an open day at the Stanislav Požar Military Barracks. The climax occurs on Sunday with illustrative rides of armored vehicles from the operational part of the collection and a dynamic presentation by the Slovenian Armed Forces and the Slovenian Police.

The organizer reserves the right to make changes to the program.


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