The Park of Military History releases the catalog “Enigma – the Mysterious Behind the Scenes of War”

4.December 2023

The Park of Military History has released the catalog “Enigma – The Mysterious Behind the Scenes of War.” In addition to creating appealing museum content, the Park is actively involved in scholarly research on military history and the publication of professional literature. The latest publication, authored by Mag. Janko Boštjančič and Dr. Andrej Gaspari, enrich the museum shelves with the recently released catalog “Enigma – The Mysterious Backstage of War.”

Although Enigma is commonly associated with the Battle of the Atlantic or the Battle of Britain, where the role of this German encryption machine from World War II and the revelation of its code are most extensively researched and published, it appeared wherever German military units, ships, or submarines were present during the war. Due to German soldiers’ efforts to prevent Enigma from falling into enemy hands, surviving Enigma machines are relatively scarce, with the M4 model used by the German Navy Kriegsmarine being exceptionally rare. However, one such machine found its way into the Park’s collection in 2021 through a series of fortunate events. Following a complex conservation process, the machine’s story was explored, providing insights into the mysterious backstage of the war.

The catalog “Enigma – The Mysterious Behind the Scenes of War,” presented in an expanded book format, follows the exhibition of the same name at the Park of Military History. It uses rich photographic and archival material to narrate the story of a naval Enigma M4 from the German minesweeper R 15, which was sunk off the Istrian coast in April 1945. The catalog offers an in-depth look at the intricate mechanisms of the Enigma cipher wheel and, within a broader historical context, sheds light on Enigma’s role and the impact of revealing its code on the course of World War II. A valuable contribution to the exhibition comes from Croatian researcher Danijel Frka, who outlines the course of World War II in the Adriatic region. The catalog includes a timeline with key events of World War II, highlighting the role of decrypting Enigma in shaping historical developments.

The catalog is available for purchase at the museum’s store, Magazin, and online, where December offers free shipping for a more favorable purchase. Selected pages of the catalog can be previewed at the link: